Saturday, January 31, 2015

40k Project: Daemon Prince Maggotscab

****NOTE: This post is under construction. Check back for more details on my model. I have a lot to say!****

Before going any further, I'll describe the stock model he is based on, and the model for which he was created as an alternative.

Here is the stock model: 

 An unaligned Fantasy Daemon Prince.

  This metal Warhammer Fantasy Daemon Prince came in several pieces, and there were a couple variant arms, heads, and legs so the contents of a daemon prince blister pack would vary. The one from the official GW/Citadel image has a different right arm (a double-arm with crab claw) and different loincloth than mine started with, but is otherwise the same.

These Daemon Prince models displayed little or no iconography/features that implied devotion to any one of the four Chaos gods in particular and left that for the hobbyist to express through painting and conversion. I don't know when these were first released, but they were not new when I started playing (during 6th Edition).

 I think the same models represented Daemon Princes in early40k as well. A 40k-specific Daemon Prince, wearing/partially-fused-with a suit of Daemon Prince-scale power armor was released eventually.

Some time later, probably the mid 2000's, a Nurgle-aligned Daemon Prince model was released (out of nowhere) for 40k.

I think it was in conjunction with the Cities of Death supplement, which contained more detailed rules for urban battles, but nothing specifically dealing with Chaos or Nurgle as far as I know. None the less, the supplement was accompanied by the only ever Daemon Prince model specifically aligned to a specific god, and a handful of other random ones for various armies.

Here he is:

Here's my take on the plague-ridden space-marine-ascended-to-daemonhood:

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